LYF Suite

A Holistic Healthcare Solution For All

Products in LYF Suite

LYF Suite consists of three integrated products. LYF Watch and its companion LYF APP are for individual users, healthy or those needing medical care or remote patient monitoring. LYF Care is an online analytics platform for medics, clinicians, and researchers.

LYF Watch

This cutting-edge biosensing product precisely measures individual physical and mental health and well-being through a range of biomarkers. The accuracy and diversity of biomarkers that AI4LYF’s LYF Watch can measure are superior to most smartwatches available in the market and comparable with the most expensive big brand watches. LYF Watch is capable to measure:

  • Single Lead ECG
  • SPO2
  • Heart Rate
  • Heart Rate Variability
  • Blood Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Stress
  • Calories burnt
  • Steps count
  • Sleep hours, and quality with four sub-categories: awake, light, deep, and REM sleep.

AI4LYF is working on future next version of its watch that will be able to measure even more biomarkers and with better precision.

LYF Care Platform

For people needing medical care or participating in medical research, the data from the LYF Watch and LYF APP is further processed by the central LYF Care Platform. LYF Care is a cutting-edge AI platform trained on the population level as well as individual data and medical domain knowledge. LYF Care Platform is designed to provide valuable insights for healthcare providers, medical researchers, and clinical trial managers. Though the LYF Care Platform handles a deluge of data, it is meticulously designed to leverage AI-based knowledge distillation to avoid information overload for its users. LYF Care Platform generates configurable alarms for any anomalies on a predictive basis. It also gives recommendations for the possible root cause of emerging health issues that needs attention. Thus, the LYF Care Platform enables providers to offer you preventive health care rather than reactive sick care.


This is first of its kind AI-powered holistic health assistant app. Vitals Monitor (VM) and proprietary AI-powered Nutrition Analytics and Recommendation Engine (NARE) are two key modules of this app. The VM shows vitals measured from a smartwatch. VM leverages the LYF Care Platform (explained below) to provide an individualized benchmark for all vitals to detect anomalies. The LYF Care Platform derives these benchmarks from AI-driven analysis of the population level data available to it.

On the other hand, the NARE logs the diet intake and calculates the amount of all macro and micronutrients in the food intake. NARE then uses a central data-based and personalized RDA to determine if any critical nutrition deficiency is arising over a period of time. If needed, NARE recommends specific dietary food items or supplements to avoid emerging food deficiency. NARE’s algorithms are based on established and peer-reviewed nutritional science and act as a personal dietitian.

Another powerful feature of NARE in the LYF APP is that it can recommend and help manage the optimal intake of foods and supplements that are scientifically known to help with certain common diseases such as autism, insomnia, obesity, and many others.

The LYF APP not only graphically summarizes your well-being and health status based on biomarker data gathered from LYF Watch, but it takes insights from the population level data from the LYF Care Platform. Based on your measured health status, the LYF APP helps you personalize your diet, lifestyle, sleep, and care regime dynamically and intelligently to maintain optimal health or to meet your health and fitness goals. LYF APP is the first app that acts as a digital health assistant, personal dietitian, and life coach, all in one, to enable a fuller, healthier, and longer life.

Key Features of LYF Suite

Through these innovative yet very affordable solutions, AI4LYF aims to revolutionize current “Sick care” to “Health Care” and make it accessible and affordable for all across the globe, anytime and anywhere, because all it takes is a smartphone and LYF Watch, and your will to join us.

  • For healthy individuals
  • For individuals with pre-existing conditions
  • For care providers
  • For researchers and clinical trial managers
  • LYF APP combined with LYF Watch is the first of its kind solution on the market that provides a high-resolution dynamic model of an individual’s holistic health by combining millions of data points from live vitals, sleep, diet diary (optional input), lifestyle, medical history, and fitness goals. The profound intelligence extracted by our proprietary AI engine from this deluge of data makes the LYF APP a unique and resourceful personalized coach for achieving and maintaining optimal holistic health.

    Thanks to the intelligent integration of its two AI-driven modules, the VM and NARE, the LYF APP is the first closed-loop health assistant that not only provides a report on overall health but leverages cutting AI and the latest research on dietary science to provide personalized diet recommendations.

  • LYF APP can recommend and manage the optimal intake of foods and supplements that are scientifically known to help with certain common diseases such as autism, insomnia, obesity, and many others.

    LYF Watch and the LYF APP can act as a low-cost remote monitoring system for continuously monitoring vitals and relaying critical anomalies in the vitals to the care providers.

  • Through the LYF Care Platform, care providers can remotely monitor the key vitals of their patients. LYF Care Platform is designed to reduce information overload through smart on-demand clinical decision assistance while enabling proactive and preventive. The key outcome for the healthcare providers that use the LYF Care Platform is capable to provide highly personalized preventive and predictive care with far less workload per patient, lower OPEX cost, lower burnout of medical staff, and lower misdiagnosis rate.

  • LYF Suite (LYF Watch, LYF APP, and LYF Care Platform), in addition to improving the quality of care by current providers, can revolutionize clinical trials for new therapies. It can drastically reduce the cost and time of a trial. LYF Suite can also be fully customized to enable data gathering and analysis for a variety of clinical trials or medical research projects.