Job Title: ML/AI Engineer

Number of Vacancies: Multiple

If you are a machine learning enthusiast and willing to stretch yourself to tap your true potential, here is the opportunity. We are looking for passionate and skilled ML/AI engineers to join our expanding team for our US based organization ( for its office in Lahore, Pakistan.

Job Description/ Main responsibilities:

  • Develop state-of-the-art machine learning and deep learning models for the prediction and classification using heterogeneous multi-modal data.
  • Develop complete data pipeline for the machine learning tasks.
  • Set up and maintain environments for the development and testing of advanced analytics and machine learning projects.
  • Visual presentation of data and results to facilitate smart decision making.
  • Learn to advance the models performance beyond the state of the art using cutting edge AI/ML techniques from recent literature independently or with mentorship of world class experts working with the organization.

Tasks you will be performing on daily basis as ML/AI Engineer:

  • Format, integrate and store data based on the requirements
  • Pre-process data for cleaning, restructuring, feature engineering and visualization
  • Installing and upgrading required packages and libraries for machine learning tasks
  • Train, validate and optimize state of the art machine learning/ deep learning models
  • Visualize results for extracting practical insight

Experience Requirements:

  • Experience in machine learning and deep learning for multiclass and multiple output classification
  • Experience of managing i.e., storing, formatting, pre-processing, fusing, enriching large data sets particularly multi-sensory data
  • Proficiency in Python coding, and its data management, machine learning, deep learning and data visualization libraries and packages e.g., Pandas, Sckit-learn, TensorFlow, Keras, Pytorch, Matplot, Seaborn etc.

Preference will be given to candidates who have:

  • Conceptual clarity of architectures, implementation, and optimization of machine learning and deep learning models
  • Experience in programming in Python and knowledge of good coding practices
  • Urge to enhance their skills in the filed of machine learning and AI
  • Passion for applying AI in healthcare for the betterment of humanity.


Master’s in software engineering/ Computer Science/ ECE/ Artificial Intelligence/ Data Science or equivalent from a renowned university.

Job Type:

Full time, in office day shift.


A highly competitive/lucrative salary package based on the skill set, qualification, work experience. The package will also include generous bonuses based reward for outstanding performance throughout the employment.

How to apply:

Please send your CVs to

Please share your github/ Kaggle profile if available.


Apply now!