We are looking for Lead ML/AI Engineer to join our expanding team for a US-based company (www.ai4lyf.com) for its office in Lahore, Pakistan.

Job Description/ Main responsibilities:

  • Facilitate in translating Health-related problems into marketable solutions using machine learning, deep learning, data science, mathematical and statistical tools, and domain (healthcare) knowledge
  • Develop data understanding and share insights with Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) and Confirmatory Data Analysis (CDA)
  • Develop state-of-the-art machine learning and deep learning models for prediction and classification using heterogeneous multi-modal data
  • Develop a complete data pipeline for the machine learning tasks
  • Set up and maintain environments for developing and testing advanced analytics and machine learning projects.
  • Integrate solutions with the backend and front end
  • Provide close technical supervision and assistance to teammates in machine learning-related programming tasks to ensure that the best coding practices are followed.
  • Provide conceptual clarity and guidance to teammates in choosing appropriate machine-learning models and tools
  • Develop and implement the schemes for the timely installation and upgrading of appropriate required packages and libraries for machine learning models
  • Document the complete model development process for regulatory compliance, and prepare user guides and reports for the stakeholders
  • Develop model development methodology and schemes to follow with time bound milestones and prepare group and individual KPIs for the team members
  • Prepare individual team members tasks using project management tools and ensure the tasks are completed timely
  • Develop and conduct technical training programs for the team members for continuously improving their programming skills and practical knowledge of ML.

Tasks you will be performing on daily basis as ML/AI Engineer:

  • Ensure that the work of team members is aligned with the action plan, milestones are achieved and KPIs are met
  • Provide close technical supervision and assistance to team members
  • Lead AI engineers closely in the development of ETL for machine learning tasks
  • Lead AI engineers closely in the data pre-processing for complex heterogeneous (signal, tabular, text, image etc.) data
  • Validate data pipelines, codes, models, and implementations to ensure the quality, accuracy, and consistency of the solutions in the real environment
  • Address logic building and coding challenges faced by the team mates
  • Review the codes, model architectures, implementation schemes and debug them, address the issues and optimize them and educate AI engineers to improve in those areas
  • Develop ML/DL/ mathematical/ and statistical models for addressing problems and exploiting opportunities related to healthcare
  • Prepare documents and reports for compliance and management purposes

Experience, knowledge and skills required:

  • Experience in leading end-to-end ML projects
  • Experience in closely supervising teams working on AI tasks
  • Experience in developing, documenting and managing programming/software development projects
  • Experience in development of multiple machine learning and deep learning projects
  • Proficiency in python coding, data management, machine learning, deep learning and data visualization libraries and packages
  • Comprehensive knowledge of best coding practices, deep understanding of ML/DL/Stats/Math concepts

Preference will be given to candidates who have:

  • Experience of developing AI marketable products
  • Demonstrable clarity of architectures, implementation, and optimization of machine learning and deep learning models
  • Experience in programming in Python and knowledge of good coding practices
  • Experience with one of the cloud services: Google Cloud, AWS, Azure
  • Knowledge of using ssh, bash, and linux
  • Understanding of python web framework FLASK/ Django
  • Understanding of front-end technologies HTML/JavaScript/CSS and related web technologies
  • Experience in leading machine learning projects
  • Experience of building and grooming teams of creative people


  • Master/PhD in Artificial Intelligence/Data Science/ Software engineering/ Computer Science/ ECE or equivalent from a renowned university.
  • 4+ years’ experience in machine learning and deep learning projects

Job Type: Full-time, in-office, day shift.

Salary:    A highly competitive/lucrative salary package based on skill set, qualification, and work experience. The package will also include generous bonuses-based rewards for outstanding performance throughout the employment and opportunity to get shares.

How to apply: Please send your CVs to hr@ai4lyf.com

Please share your GitHub/ Kaggle profile if available.

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