About Us

Our Vision

Transforming the status quo reactive, expensive, sporadically accessible, and episodic "Sick care" into a predictive, preventive, personalized, continuously accessible, and affordable "healthcare" for fuller and longer lives for all.

Our Mission

At AI4LYF, our mission is to make this vision possible through AI, Biosensing and Wireless Communications innovations. Our integrated wearable and ambient biosensing solutions enable harnessing the multi-sensory, multi-modal data on human health with unprecedented temporal resolution and precision. By distilling this rich data, our powerful propriety AI platform delivers in-situ, faster and predictive diagnostics and remote health monitoring solutions with reliability unmatched in the industry.

About Us

AI4LYF exists to transform “Sick Care” into “Healthcare” through innovative healthcare products that bring together the power of advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Biosensing and Wireless Communications. We believe that the concerted multi-disciplinary innovations, and not the just the brute force of AI alone as touted very often, can enable the upgrades direly needed in the healthcare echo-system to realize this mission.

To this end, our multi-disciplinary team has developed first of its kind end-to-end platform that enables continuous monitoring of human health by harnessing holistic multi-sensory, multi-modal data from affordable wearable biosensors and ambient wireless sensors with unprecedented temporal resolution and precision. By distilling this rich data, our powerful propriety AI platform enables in-situ, faster, and predictive diagnostics, remote health monitoring and health anomaly detection with resolution and reliability unseen in the industry. For medical professionals, our platform enables reduction in per patient workload and overall burn rate, on demand clinical decision assistance, improved quality of care and better clinical outcomes. For patients, this platform offers hospital in the home service through remote patient monitoring.

Our platform also offers groundbreaking new tools for pharmaceutical companies and researchers to accelerate, decentralize, diversify, and digitize clinical trials and medical research while reducing costs at the same time. AI4LYF is also first company in the world to offer a digital twin platform for medical device testing and evaluation in 5G networks.

For healthy individuals our affordable wristwatch and easy to use companion app suite enables first of its kind multi-facet coaching for achieving and maintain holistic health. In contrast to plethora of fitness watches and apps available in the market, our product is not just another fitness watch with live biomarkers display app. It is first product to offer personalized assistance for holistic health management by leveraging our powerful AI and biosensing platform. Its power comes from its ability to analyze millions of data points from your live biomarkers, medical history, personal goal setting, lifestyle, sleep, and population level norms, combined with state-of-the-art peer reviewed research in holistic health and diet, to offer multi-facet assistance to achieve optimal health for fuller and longer life, all in one.

How we are enabling paradigm shift